I extend a warm welcome from Somers Resolution.

My practice is concerned with personal development that brings about change through coaching or psychotherapy.

I also offer an executive mentoring service to those who need mentoring support in their professional or business lives.

I hope that the information contained here will help explain the differences and similarities in these different interventions to enable you to decide what approach is best for you and whether you would like to work with me.

Before training as a psychotherapist and coach I practiced as solicitor for nearly 25 years, mostly as a commercial litigator and as a partner in a Top 20 UK law firm where I managed a dispute resolution team in the City of London. I have also undertaken consultancy work for private companies involved in litigation and disputes.

As a partner in a law firm it was part of my role to develop my team in terms of its expertise, the business it attracted and the personal development of the individuals who worked within it. Successful organisations are becoming increasingly aware that they need to understand the psychology of the organisation, their relationships with trading partners, clients and their people if they wish to meet and exceed their organisational objectives.

I believe that the psychological health and the emotional intelligence of the people within an organisation is what leads to best practice and exceptional performance, in every area. I also believe it is what determines a satisfying life.

The coaching that I offer is underpinned by my training as a psychotherapeutic clinician and my experience of running a demanding business, serving business and individual clients. The coaching process is about working out with a client what he or she would like to achieve and the action he or she needs to take to achieve it.

The psychotherapy that I offer is psychoanalytically informed and practically focused to help a client bring about change through an improved understanding of how his or her mind works.

Each section of the website tells you more about the different approaches to help you decide which you think would be best for you.

I am a Registered member of British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP), a Senior Practitioner Coach and member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), accredited mediator and I remain a non practicing solicitor.

I am always happy to discuss the services that I offer with prospective clients, informally, without obligation and in absolute confidence.





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